James Monterosso – about me

About me

James is a Freelance Illustrator and Animator from the greater Boston area. Ever since he was a kid he loved creating and drawing comics and writing stories to show his friends, teachers, and family. Everyone has always said how fun and creative he is.

Growing up in a large Italian family has inspired James to write stories about his experiences through fictional storytelling and illustration. Also, he has been fortunate to have great mentors and teachers that have inspired him and shared their knowledge and experiences. Today James is continuing to create characters and to write comedy and action stories. James is very excited to share his stories through his artwork because James uses his imagination skills to entertain the audience for an escape from reality, to send important messages about life, diversity, and values.

James’s goal is to expand his career in the animation field as a visual story artist by creating stories that show his true passion and love of art and communication. When James is not doing art he enjoys playing Video Games, Karate and hanging out with friends and family.

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(Resume available upon request)