THE BLACK WARRIOR is a action martial arts adventure story created by James Monterosso.

It follows Jason Hiroushi, a 17-year-old boy, resides in Tokyo with his younger sister Kasumi and their father Ryu, who serves as the chief of police. An incident from 10 years ago, involving his mother as an innocent bystander in mob violence, left him angry and rebellious as he grew up. Yet, he always harbored a desire to protect his family. Upon discovering threats against his family, he learns about his heritage as a descendant destined to become a formidable warrior of darkness known as the Black Warrior. Determined to hone his skills, Jason travels north to train under his granduncle, Master Wu. After a year of rigorous training, he returns to Tokyo, assuming the persona of a night vigilante under the name of the Black Warrior. This series unfolds into an action-packed martial arts adventure.

Below are samples and illustrations of the comic you can find the full first issue novel on Gumroad. Click the button below.